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Thread: Developing lessons plans

This thread is about how to elaborate lessons plan to develop skills related to "making friends". In addition to redefining the prosocial skills in terms of ‘skills’ rather than ‘domains’, we create a model that will help teaching these skills in the classroom. The model below represents how each skill is the main point around which things get organised. 1. PREPARATION 2. IMPLEMENTATION 3. DEBRIEFING PREPARATION: This stage involves the teachers to think about which skills are needed in their classroom in general, for a group of children or even just for each child.

Thread: Learning objectives

This thread is about Learning objectives for the topic "Skills for friendship-making". You can follow and participate in the discussion. You also will find two folders on the left side named:
  • Material
  • Technical support
In those folders you will find additional material to complete the discussion The learning objectives are:
  • Developing comunication skills such as:
    1. Communicating with others
    2. Using nice talk
    3. Joining in a conversation
    4. Non interruping others
    5. Introducing self to others