Folder: Skills for friendship: Introducing self to others

Find in Material the template for the didactical unit Skill: Introducing self to others How: practical exercise in class, giving a short self presentation, introduce someone. Work at home: write a short summary of a kid and read the exercise to your parents. Do they know who the kid is?, play yyy game, discussion about the game When: When is a ‘good time’ to carry out the skill? Shall this skill be mainly used in the school context? Shall we teach this skill in the morning when the children are fully attentive? This skill can be teach in a leisure context, e.g. when two clasess carry out activities together. kids will practise this skill in real live when they meet someone. Where: Where will my teaching take place? In the classroom with computers or outside when we’re playing football? Asking the question where not to teach this skill is equally important. We can teach the skill in different scenarios, in the classroom to peers, in the classroom with computers, at home Why: Why is this skill useful, what positive outcome is expected. The skill enhance the self-steem of kids. Feedback: Types of feedback and reflective questions which are your suggestions regarding the points above? The games that can complete the lesson plan are listed below:


I have added a template of the exercise "self-introduction" is useful to explain the exercise to kids and get homogeneous work (at least in format! :) Regarding why question: I think that the acquisition of this skill is very useful to improve academic results, kids learn to speak in front of peers and adults speaking in a structured and creative way about themselves.
I have corrected some typos in the template but it's very useful, I have added my contribution!