The Chase


Quick everyone, bring your balloons to escape from the Giggle Monster! Help your friends to get enough balloons to fly away! A fun game to work on sharing skills.

Sam the Orange Squirrel, Jessie the Blue Badger, Ash the Green Rabbit and Pat the Yellow Duck go for a picnic in Giggle Wood. After their picnic they go for a walk, but.. They get lost! Woody the elf fairy appears and says “Take these balloons and climb to the top of that hill. Then fill the hot air balloon up and fly home! But..  Beware the Giggle monster! He loves to eat balloons and he hasn’t had lunch today…”

The Chase is an educational game for up to 4 students supporting learning by doing, cooperative learning and how to reach a goal in a non-competitive way.

The players take turns to roll a dice to move their character up a path towards the hot-air balloon. Everyone must get to the top for the team to escape. Each player starts with 25 small-balloons and the team needs to get enough of these small-balloons to inflate the hot-air balloon. Players lose five small-balloons if they are caught by the monster and they can help others from being caught at the cost of one balloon. The game encourages cooperation amongst players as they must work together to succeed. Each turn requires players to consider whether to help others in their team or move themselves towards the top. The Chase is a game based on collaborative action that is aimed at the development of skills for cooperation including asking for and offering help and solving a problem as a group.

How to play: 

Each player starts with 25 small-balloons. The dice gives moves either to the players, the monster or both. Players lose 5 small-balloons, if they are caught by the monster. Players can help each other from being caught, by offering their turn but that costs 1 balloon. There are two winning parameters in the game: the group needs enough balloons in total to inflate the hot-air balloon and fly away, while each individual wants to have the larger possible number of small balloons at the end of the game.