Thread: Developing lessons plans

This thread is about how to elaborate lessons plan to develop skills related to "making friends". In addition to redefining the prosocial skills in terms of ‘skills’ rather than ‘domains’, we create a model that will help teaching these skills in the classroom. The model below represents how each skill is the main point around which things get organised. 1. PREPARATION 2. IMPLEMENTATION 3. DEBRIEFING PREPARATION: This stage involves the teachers to think about which skills are needed in their classroom in general, for a group of children or even just for each child. Here, it is important to separate skill deficiency with performance lacking. i.e. student doesn’t know the skill vs student isn’t confident or doesn’t use the skill. The main questions to be asked are detailed below. These questions will be asked again during the implementation in collaboration with the children but it is important for the teacher to get an idea of what he/she wants to get out of it before this plan is openly decided with the children.
  • Skill : What skill will we teach today?
  • How : How are we going to do it? What are the necessary steps?
  • When : When is a ‘good time’ to carry out the skill? Shall this skill be mainly used in the school context? Shall we teach this skill in the morning when the children are fully attentive?
  • Where : Where will my teaching take place? In the classroom with computers or outside when we’re playing football? Asking the question where not to teach this skill is equally important.
  • Why: Why is this skill useful, what positive outcome is expected.
  • Feedback : Types of feedback and reflective questions
IMPLEMENTATION: This stage is about the implementation of the teaching. This is achieved by defining the steps below. We emphasise the fact that these steps should be decided together between the teacher and the children. This should improve the children’s attention and motivation to achieve their goals. They need to feel part of the whole program for it to be efficient (REFERENCE). The skill skeleton can actually fit within this below.
  • Skill: what skill
  • Goals: what does each child wants to get out of it?
  • Actions: How are we going to achieve this?
  • Rules: Let the children, in group of 3 or 4, decide which rules should be used. Then discuss these rules among the whole classroom (teaching skills such as turn taking etc)
  • Feedback: The role of sensors. Peer and adult/teacher feedback is also recommended.
DEBRIEFING: Let's start with a practical exercise. We are going to develop the material needed for different skills, check the folders Skills for friendship: Using nice talk Skills for friendship: Introducing self to others


I disagree regarding the use of sensors, I think that this can scare kids; we should use othe tools to gather that information...
The material is very useful