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This thread is about Learning objectives for the topic "Skills for friendship-making". You can follow and participate in the discussion. You also will find two folders on the left side named:
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In those folders you will find additional material to complete the discussion The learning objectives are:
  • Developing comunication skills such as:
    1. Communicating with others
    2. Using nice talk
    3. Joining in a conversation
    4. Non interruping others
    5. Introducing self to others
    6. Introducing others
  • Developing sharing skills such as:
    1. Sharing about self
    2. Sharing your things with others
  • Developing people's skills
    1. Learning about others
    2. Being an active listener
    3. Giving compliments
    4. Receiving compliments
    5. Respecting others
    6. Apologising
Discussion: which other skills would you include? Material click here for further information about the topic


I think that skills related to express feeling will be also useful here, maybe something like assertiveness
Well, how we can express in terms of practical learning the term assertiveness? maybe "Learn to say no"?
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